ONOFF Properties Manager a working group that shares the values ​​of trust, efficiency, discretion and immediacy.


Ophélie and Pilar: ONOFF Properties Manager

Ophelie Gabus, born in Switzerland in 1978, has adopted Italy as her home.
She has obtained a degree in set design from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara.  
After graduating with a passion for set design & professional photography, Ophelie worked for numerous clients creating home decorations. Having met several owners of secondary houses and understanding their difficulty of managing their properties, she became a Property Manager in 2009.
With an increase in clientele, there was a need to upgrade to a fully featured service - home staging, which was new to Versilia.
In 2012, Ophélie met Pilar, and collaborated to develop a more comprehensive service, resulting in the creation of ONOFF.

Pilar Martin was born in Los Angeles in 1982 from an American father and an Italian mother. During childhood she relocated to Versilia. This overseas move inspired a passion for changes and homes.
In 2008, she was awarded a degree in Language & Philosophy, and since then worked happily as a professional trainer.
Since 2011 she started working in housing management, developing new ways to resolve everyday problems efficiently.
With her excellent management skills and the collaboration with Ophelie, ONOFF was born.